Project NIA

“Our mission is to dramatically reduce the reliance on arrest, detention, and incarceration for addressing youth crime and to instead promote the use of restorative and transformative practices, a concept that relies on community-based alternatives.” – Project NIA

In United States, there is approximately twelve percent of African-Americans in it’s overall population. In prison, African-Americans comprise of forty-four percent of the overall population. This disproportionate statistic raises far too many questions, inspiring the 2012 exhibit in Chicago called Black/Inside: A History of Captivity & Confinement in the U.S, operated by Project NIA

Camp Firebelly and Project NIA collaborated to make a zine called Black/Inside that was distributed at the exhibition. Black/Inside is filled with letters, interviews and articles written about first-hand accounts of the dehumanizing system of imprisonment in United States.

I personally designed two letters, “Good Order” by Ahmad Al Aswadu and “The Pit” by Alfred Hassan.