Torontonian Ethnoburbs

Torontonian Ethnoburbs

“An ethnoburb is a suburban residential and business area with a notable cluster of a particular ethnic minority population.” – Professor Wei Li.

Toronto has been known for it’s diversity. This is apparent in the array of diverse authentic restaurants, the melting pot-like culture and the many distinct ethnic neighbourhoods that scatter the city and suburbs. 

Toronto Ethnoburbs focuses on a Chinese ethnoburb just north-east of Toronto called Markham. The book uncovers the reasons behind the Chinese immigration waves from Hong Kong and Taiwan to North America in the 80s, to how new budding Chinese businesses flourished in Markham, attracting foreign economic powers who continue to influence and change the political and social constructs of Markham.

Book Design, Photography

Art Direction,  Photographer
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A photographic essay documenting life in Markham accompanies the articles throughout the book.


Random fact. I was coincidentally taking photos of Buttonville Airport on Women’s Day during Women of Aviation Worldwide Week. All participating airports in Canada gave females a free-15 minute discovery flight to fly a small aircraft. I fortunately fit those qualifications and managed to photograph aerial shots of Markham.

Torontonian Ethnoburbs - Buttonville AIrportTorontonian Ethnoburbs - Buttonville AIrport
Torontonian Ethnoburbs Aerial PhotographyTorontonian Ethnoburbs Aerial Photography
Torontonian Ethnoburbs Pacific MallTorontonian Ethnoburbs Pacific Mall
Torontonian Ethnoburbs Map of TorontoTorontonian Ethnoburbs Map of Toronto
Torontonian Ethnoburbs SpineTorontonian Ethnoburbs Spine